And the Robson Ranch Singers Win Gold!

Marsha Oliver

The Robson Ranch Singers entered the Hermosa Ballroom to the “Olympic Theme” as they celebrated this summer’s Olympic Games in Paris with concerts on March 19 and 20. Lisa Hunt, former director of the Singers, carried the torch and placed it on the stage to strains of “Chariots of Fire.” The Singers then honored our favorite Olympians by singing the U.S. and Canadian national anthems. And that was in just the first five minutes!

The musical selections highlighted the themes of celebration, vision, belief, work, inspiration, heroes, and dreams. They featured musicians on piano, drums, bass, trumpet, and guitarin addition to our 50 Singers. Songs included: Celebration of Life,” “We Will Rock You,” “I Believe I Can Fly,” “When You Believe,” “Eye of the Tiger,” “YMCA,” “Wind Beneath My Wings”, “You Raise Me Up,” “Go the Distance,” “Reach,” “The Impossible Dream,” “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” and “We Are the Champions.

The Singers exited the ballroom to the Theme from Rocky.

A special surprise was our introduction of Robson’s own Olympian, Bob Rock, who represented the United States in the Luge event in 1972.

If you attended our concertThank you. If you didn’tWe missed you. Either way, we invite you to join us on Dec. 10 and 11 for our holiday concert. We’re excited to see what our director, Laurie Laramie, and associate director, Beth Forbes, have in store for the concert. They’ve raised the bar with each concert, and we’re sure they’ll do it again. Mark your calendar, and we’ll see you in December!