Fresh Starts

Pastor Larry Sundin

Have you ever wanted a fresh start? As a pastor who occasionally golfs, I love golf because each day offers a fresh start. There are no bogeys, no sculled shots, no penalties, or three-putts to ruin your day. There’s no baggage from your previous round. Your scorecard is clean. That’s what I love about what I get to do as a pastor. I have the privilege of sharing the good news about the God of fresh starts, the God who forgives, restores, and makes all things new by the transforming power of His grace.

If you are familiar with the story of God throughout the Bible, you see God giving fresh starts everywhere. For Moses, a fresh start was given to him at a burning bush, where God gave Moses a second chance to deliver His people. For Peter, a fresh start took place on the shore of Galilee, when the Messiah he betrayed forgave him and gave him a second chance to serve him. And for Paul, a fresh start came in the form of a blinding light on the road to Damascus that introduced him to a future he never thought possible.

That’s the beauty of God’s grace. God’s grace to us means we are not held to our worst moment or condemned by our worst decision. God’s grace to us means there is always hope for a new future, hope for a restored relationship, or even hope for renewed purpose in life. And God’s grace to you means He can clean your scorecard in life. He not only wants to forgive the baggage of your past, but He wants to give you opportunities you’ve never even imagined. That’s the God of fresh starts. And this is the God we celebrate every Sunday as the people of Rock Springs Church. For He is the God of amazing grace, who gave us way more than we ever deserved when He gave us Jesus. So, if you want a fresh start in your life, in your relationships, or even your faith, why don’t you join us this Sunday. After all, our God is still giving fresh starts to anyone who wants one.

Rock Springs Church worships every Sunday at 9 a.m. in the Hermosa Ballroom.