Desert Woodcrafters News

Desert Woodcrafters at the Robson Ranch Arts & Crafts Show and Sale

Lee Noble

The Robson Ranch Desert Woodcrafters announces its next leadership team that will continue to raise available opportunities and improvements for our space: President Stan Lukasik, Vice President Kevin Keaveney, At-Large Rep Ross Dunfee, Secretary Lee Noble, and Treasurer Les Wiletzky. Whether you are new to this hobby or a transplant from another state, you will find that we have many talented members and mentors who will inspire you to get started in woodshop projects, small and large. Our shop has a refreshed look, with new additional lathe machinery that will impress you.

We have some very talented shop managers who make our space and equipment run smoothly, and our shop is successful through the combined talents and volunteer hours of Wayne Moritz, Bill Streusel, Jim Price, Kevin Keviney, and Mike Spillane.

We participate and display at the Arts & Crafts Show and Sale at Robson Ranch, where many projects and a variety of items are for sale. Our club dues for the year are only $60 yearly, and you will meet many men and women from across the country who are willing to show you techniques and their own personal woodshop projects. We are a friendly group!

If you are interested in taking classes, you can find information about the shop on GroupWorks or by stopping into the Woodshop area in the Creative Arts Center. We are open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is a 133 member club that you should check out after you unpack in the Robson Ranch Community.