Desert Cup Classic Fun!

Pam Mumy

A tournament that had its start two years ago as the Solheim Cup has become one of our most fun and crazy competitions of the year. The Desert Cup Classic, otherwise known as the “D-Cup,” is a two-day match play event for Robson Ranch Ladies League members. With plenty of joking, teasing, and trash talking, the fun lasts for days before the actual match even begins.

Both teams, led by Captains Robin Barber and Pam Mumy, met separately to choose a team name and strategize how best to defeat the opposing players. This year the team names were the Blue Angels and the Red-Breasted Birdies. Both teams met together another day for the big reveal—the announcing of team names with lots of fanfare from both sides.

The competition finally began with a two-person team match play event. After nine holes of Chapman Scotch and nine holes of Best Ball, the Blue Angels team led by two points. By the end of the second day, an 18-hole singles match play, the Red-Breasted Birdies had come from behind to win the tournament! The celebration continued in the dining room with kudos to both teams for a wonderful, fun event. The Blue Angels has demanded a rematch. Are you ready for 2024, Red-Breasted Birdies?