Cleaning Without Chemicals

Coralee Harr

Over the last 50 years the global production and use of harmful chemicals has substantially increased. More than 80,000 new chemicals have been created.

Norwex is striving to improve quality of life by reducing the use of chemicals in cleaning and personal care, which in turn reduces household pollution. Indoor pollution is one of the top five environmental health problems, with chemical levels up to 70 times higher than outside. The use of chemicals indoors contributes to many allergies and diseases.

Many of the Norwex cleaning products are embedded with silver, which kills an approximated 99% of bacteria from surfaces without chemicals, using only water.

I provide these products for my cleaning lady to keep my home in Robson Ranch chemical free. In fact, she has also bought some of my products to use in her home and other homes that she cleans.

If you would like more information on easy, safe, and effective ways to clean and improve your home environment, contact me, Coralee Harr, at 605-380-7088 or email me at [email protected]. You can also visit for more details.