Amazing Gourds!

Doris Betuel

The Robson Ranch Gourd Club creates art from gourds. We make beautiful bowls and vases, but did you know you can make many other fun and creative things from the lowly gourd? Gourds come in all types of sizes and shapes and, hence, we can make lots of atypical items from them. Our members have crafted planters, snakes (yes, snakes), penguins, sea otters, Viking horns, Native American Storytellers, and quails from gourds. Our crafts are only limited by your imagination. The Gourd Club meets three times a week, and part of the fun is seeing what everyone makes. We share laughs and ideas and would love to share our love of gourds with others.

We are starting to offer beginner classes again in a limited capacity. If you are interested in signing up for one, please contact Doris Betuel at [email protected].