A story to tell…

Pastor Larry Sundin

Every person has a story to tell. If I were to sit down with you and you were to tell me your story we might have similar chapters headings, like: childhood, school years, college, marriage, career, family and now retirement. But that’s where the similarities would end. Your story could be filled with adventure and romance, or trials and tragedy. It could have twists and turns that you never expected. It could have successes you never imagined. But one thing is certain, your story is uniquely your own.

But have you ever considered that your story might be part of a bigger story? Have you ever considered that your story might be part of the story God has been writing throughout history? One of the realities I’ve experienced over the years is that most people never make the connection between their story and God’s story. In fact, most people don’t realize that their life is actually a thread in the tapestry of God’s grand redemption story. Part of the reason for this is that most people have never really heard or understood the story of God as it threads its way through the Bible. Most people have never made the connection that our desire for the pursuit of happiness has its origins in the Garden of Eden. Most people have never made the connection that our respect and compassion for life has its connection with how we were created. Most people have no idea how a bunch of ordinary fishermen who dropped everything to follow Jesus aren’t all that different than you or me. And most people have never seen the connection between the cultures of the Old Testament and the instability of our world today. And the reason why most people have never made or seen the connections between the story we are living and the story God is writing is that no one has ever helped them make those connections.

My goal as the Pastor of Rock Springs Church is to help you see how the story you are living today fits into the bigger story of God: To see how something that took place over 2000 years ago connects with your life today; to see how your hopes and dreams, your struggles and fears are connected with God’s hopes and dreams for all people and to see how the story of your life is connected to the story of God. So as you begin to write the next chapter in your story, why not join us this January as we begin our journey exploring the Story of God. My guess is that you will find there’s more to the story than you ever imagined.