Write On … Writers’ Workshop

Judi with her just-released book

Judi with her just-released book

Jaine Toth

Writing workshops find some interesting challenges for their participants. On being asked to write about a color, Judi Lewinski chose blue.

If you’re interested in joining the Write On … writers’ workshop, contact Jaine Toth at 520-350-3966 or [email protected]. Or just turn up to one of our meetings, which are held in the Fireside Room at the Ranch House from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on the first and third Fridays of each month.


By Judi Lewinski

I am the awesome color blue. Not just any blue, but the cool, airy blue of the sky, mysteriously enticing observers as I meander my way amid the billowy clouds.

I am soft and translucent, with the freedom to change my hues and intermingle with the dew to project magnificent prisms of rainbows as the sun sparks my crystalline components.

I illuminate and radiate; I absorb and reflect. I never lose sight of the blue that I am, but changes in temperatures can blanch my tones with pale mists. I can fade to nothingness in a deep fog or be the joyously flamboyant sky that lifts the spirits of all.

The gentle spring breeze, stirred up by the warmth of the sun, inflates my being and I become bluer than blue. My weightlessness and flexibility bring me higher than the sky. I can reach far into space where my deepness turns near-black. I kiss the treetops as I skim along and look down on earth, flowing freely through all of nature. I am exquisite alone and I get along well with other colors.

I am the color of your crystal clear water. I can be icy and breezy or warm and sultry. I am the sparkle in some eyes and the door to your soul. I give steel its gleam and ice its sparkle. I am the color of the majestic shadows in the mountains and the cool deep blue of the sea. I brighten the face of most flowers and give laundry a brighter hue. I add variety to popsicles and add a touch of class wherever I go, even imparting grandeur to royalty. I collaborate with some of the greatest artists, such as Jack Frost and God!

I bring happiness when I awake to the sun’s beams bouncing against my canopy. I am spontaneous. I can change instantly from sweet and bright to raucous and dark, becoming formidable and threatening. I am fickle and unpredictable. My moods are many and my accomplishments great. One can never take me for granted.

I am occasionally arrogant and somewhat manipulative. I can dictate your wardrobe and sometimes influence your mood by my chosen shade of the day. Though I possess this ability, I would rather wander through the atmosphere, enjoying the people who notice and anxiously await my return every day. I leave memorable impressions. YOU will always remember me.