Worship: Outdoors and with Online Technology

Ron Hunt

Friendship Center, a Robson Ranch based Inter-denominational church, is constantly seeking ways to meet the spiritual needs of Robson residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to CDC guidelines and new online technology, we are still worshipping together with old friends and new, in person outdoors and at home every Sunday at 9 a.m.

We are worshiping outdoors on the patio on the east side of the Hermosa Ballroom. We are restricted to 20 people. You may reserve your space before each Sunday service during the week by contacting Pastor Ron by email or text. We will also broadcast the service online live via Zoom. In addition, we record the sermon and send out the worship service for those unable to attend in person or live online.

The good news of Jesus’ eternal message is still shared each Sunday during this time, due to creative solutions of God’s people.

God bless you all, and as we say, keep on “loving God, and loving everyone, everywhere!”

To learn more, please go to FriendshipCenter.net to be added to the worship invitation list. To learn more about the church and its various services, contact Pastor Ron Hunt at 218-330-5306 or at [email protected]