Who Has Fun? The Tack Team Trivia Group!

The Tack Team consists of friends who assembled about a year ago to have a good time over the love of trivia. Little did they know they would very much look forward to the games each and every week! They enjoy each other’s company and also participate together in other various clubs, functions, and outings because of Robson Ranch Arizona. The original team members are Peggy Morris, Deb and Arnold Dorman, Sandi Feller, Barb Renthal, and Kristin Zanas. Peggy and Kristin had played with another team and then struck out on their own when all of the other team members went on vacation. Then when Tack Team members leave on vacation or are unavailable, other friends fill in at the table. Those friends are: John Zanas, Janet and Dave Renauld, Dee Puleio, Leslie Fleming, Sue Brockhoff, and Jim and Carol Dunaway. As much as they’d like to increase the number at the table, the Tack Team abides by the rules of only six players.

Sometimes the team really amazes themselves. Like the first time they won. The subject of the games that first team night was sharks, because it was TV’s Shark Week. By process of elimination they won. Each time it came out that they had the correct answer, they’d all start laughing, because they couldn’t believe their good fortune. Then, as the year progressed, they found themselves winning more frequently. Peggy said, “We have some members who are very knowledgeable about various topics.” Also, she indicated that listening to their gut feeling has had quite a bit of success, too. The Tack Team hopes that others participate in such a fun activity each and every Wednesday. And if not Trivia, then something else. It’s a great way to make lots of new friends!