Wheels on the Move Was a Success!

The winning photo was taken at the Jumping Jack Trampoline Station. Included in the winning picture is, from left, Larry and Lori Morrin, Stacy Kluckman, and Christine Fortin.

Lois Moncel, Director of Fitness and Wellness

In the quest to keep residents engaged in fitness as well as motivated, the Tri-a-Try committee hosted a fun, social bike ride on March 30. The 60ish participants cycled their way to three different stops in the community. Each of these stops had a fun activity to complete before they could cycle to the next stop. The three stops included: The Whistle Stop, The (No Beer) Pong Game, and the Jumping Jack Tambourine Station. After all three of the activities had been completed, the participants returned to the Sports Club Pool deck for social time. In total, the participants rode approximately 7.5 miles. A big shoutout to all the participants as they powered through the wind that kept getting stronger and stronger as the day went on.

Participants were encouraged to take fun pictures at the different stops and then residents voted on their favorite photo. The winning photo was taken at the Jumping Jack Trampoline Station.

We would also like to thank Matt Whalin from Round Trip Bike Shop for conducting our first Bike Clinic. Matt was super in answering questions from the residents. Along with Matt, thank you to all of those who volunteered their time.