What Is the Democratic Club of Robson Ranch Really All About?

Deborah Dorman

You might think that this is a political club for registered Democrats only, or that it is a club that raises money for candidates, or that the primary activities involve selecting and endorsing certain candidates, or that club members sit around discussing politics all the time. None of these assumptions would be correct.

Democrats, Independents, and even those not registered with any party are most welcome to join. We do not do any fundraising directly for candidates (although we can connect you with other organizations that do so). We rarely, if ever, endorse particular candidates, although we do hold events for those candidates we’d like to see in office, and we do try to provide information for people to make their own decisions about candidates. Our primary activities are socializing with like-minded people, keeping members apprised of proposed legislation and what candidates are running, getting out the vote, and getting people registered. We often circulate petitions to get measures on the ballot or to get potential candidates on the ballot. We work to support the Eloy Elementary School District in various ways and do other charitable activities. We provide opportunities for political discussion, for those who would like to participate.

We support these general rights and institutions:

* Public education

* Quality health care for all

* Preservation of a healthy and livable environment

* Equal rights for all and freedom of thought and belief

* Science and factual history

* Sensible gun control

* A democratic form of government, the constitution, and checks and balances

* A healthy economy that supports all citizens

Within our club, there are diverse opinions and various levels of political involvement. With the exception of summer months, we have monthly meetings, and we also have half a dozen social gatherings, monthly bunco, a booth at the Eloy Fiestas Patrias in September (Sept. 15 and 16), a charity bake sale in March, and we are always open to new ideas. We are adding a website and Facebook (Meta) page this year. There are 100 members at this time, and we are growing. If you are interested in joining, please email our treasurer and membership coordinator, Cherie Maxwell, at [email protected].