Veterans Center Christmas party

On December 21 The Vagabonds RV Club and the Robson Ranch Pottery Club hosted a dinner for the Eloy Veterans Center. The original goal for the event was to get donations of a few casseroles and salads for the dinner, Christmas baked goods to send home in goodie bags and new socks. “I was overwhelmed by the support!” said Esther Aar, the organizer of the event. “Not only did people give, but they gave with joy! The donations poured in. We ended up with four roasted turkeys with all the trimmings, four hams, salads and casseroles.” The Christmas vocal music provided by Roger Oleson added to the Christmas spirit. One veteran commented that this was the best meal most of the men had in a long time. There was so much food, that each vet got large take home containers of leftovers. They also left with two bags of baked goods, three pairs of new socks and a gift certificate for a free haircut. There were many thank yous and hugs from the guests for the Robson volunteers who served. It was truly a feel-good event for the season.