Throwback Family Fun

Rick Rogers

Lori Aitken

Pat Sand

The Roving Ranchers had a fun evening at Throwback Family Fun at Trekkel and Rodeo Roads in Casa Grande on March 1. Peter Redwine, owner of the arcade, opened the site for a Rancher’s private event. Redwine has provided many residents of Robson Ranch with electronic hardware support involving cable and phone wiring. Residents were happy to come out and support his new business venture.

Throwback Family Fun is a gaming arcade with ax throwing and tasty bar food. The Ranchers had access to the center for three hours of gaming and ax throwing. Included in the cost were all-you-can-eat pizza and soda products. Other food products as well as wine and beer were available for an extra fee.

After signing a liability waiver and undergoing a brief training on proper and safe ax target throwing, the Ranchers were ready to give it a try. Several people were quite competent throwing axes or had fun trying. Others went straight to the arcade to shoot basketballs, toss bean bags, throw Skee-Balls, or try racing and shooting games.

Everyone had fun playing games at which their grandchildren would have easily beat them. For a few hours, many felt like kids again and laughed while cheering each other on. Throwback Family Fun plans to add laser tag to its arcade within the year.