This I have learned


Mary Jo Bellner Swartzberg

Over 50 years ago the iconic group, The Beach Boys, released a song called Wouldn’t It Be Nice? The tune was about a would-be boyfriend thinking, out loud, of how he would be in nirvana if he and his girlfriend could be together . . . forever. Sigh! It was the 60’s after all! The song is a catchy, pop-culture song that still resonates with Baby Boomers today. And, speaking of this song, here are some really interesting Wouldn’t It Be Nice thoughts.

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

People would put their grocery carts into the receptacles in grocery parking lots?

All talking would cease once a movie began in a movie theater?

People would use their turn signals – in their cars and in their golf carts?

Boom box speakers in cars were prohibited?

Divots were filled in on golf fairways?

Broken tees were dropped into the broken tee receptacles on the tee boxes? Sand traps were raked by golfers who inadvertently foudn themselves hacking out of them?

There was all the time in the world to read all of the current books?

We could get into downtown Tucson in 15 minutes instead of 55 minutes?

There was a great New York deli close by?

There was a Costco, a Trader Joe’s and a Sprouts right around the corner?

Steaks were healthy to eat – ditto for eggs?

People in PGA/LPGA golf tournament galleries didn’t yell and scream?

Air conditioning was free?

There was no such thing as coupons?

The experience of mature individuals was appreciated by the younger generation? The word “old” was obliterated from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (well, really, ALL dictionaries!)?

Airport travel could return to what it was like during the 1960’s?

Movies had less violence and offered more value-added messages?

There was more laughter in life than sadness?

The word “cancer” would cease to exist?

Plastic bags and bottles were really biodegradable?

Landfills were efficient?

Everyone was committed to recycling?

The more you ate the less you would weigh?

As one matures wrinkles begin to fade?

Electric cars would take over the world?

There would be peace in the world?

People would pick up their dog’s excrement?

Politicians were honest?

(Not that the last two statements are in any way related!)

“Wake up!” I said to myself! “What am I thinking?” Oh yeah, I was dreaming; only in dreams could the above scenarios exist.

This I have learned…