The Sports Club Corner

Lois Moncel, Director of Fitness & Wellness

Spring is here, and you may want to enjoy a couple of activities that are available at the Sports Club. It’s also a good time for an update on what’s available and what you will want to remember.

We do have a basketball available for check out. The half court is near the dog park. You may want to get some exercise in the pool with the water volleyball. If you want to use any of our equipment, please stop by the front desk to check them out, as well as checking the items back in.

Table Tennis is also available for use at the Sports Club. The table can be set up in the group fitness room when there is no class going on. Check with the front desk to see if the room is available.

If you want to use the pickleball machine or tennis machine, you must check out a key to the shed. The key is available at the front desk of the Sports Club. Your name must appear on the list of trained persons that can use the machines. If you have not been trained on how to work them, please notify the Pickleball Club or the Tennis Club for a quick lesson on how to use the machine, and ask that your name be added to the list. Remember that all guests must be accompanied by the homeowner at time of check out and while using the ball machines.

If you are riding your bike up to the Sports Club, please park your bike at the bike rack. Parking your bike by any of the entrances of the Sports Club is prohibited.

We have placed hand sanitizers in the gym, group fitness room, coffee bar area, and at the front desk. We encourage you to use the sanitizers to protect yourself.

The spring weather is great, and it’s a perfect time for you to try a new activity. Let’s enjoy it while we can!