The Remodeling Corner


Janet Cook

There are many HGTV shows that demonstrate that by investing in design and updates, one can sell their house for dramatically more money. However, their timeline is not realistic. They have a TV production deadline, so before they even start, the design and scope of work is done, the materials are ordered (the homeowners don’t get to pick what is used) and the labor is lined up so they can hit the ground running. You may have noticed that they will have multiple trades on site and sometimes work into the night. Realistically, a remodeling project will take at least twice as long to build, and the process of determining the design, scope of work, permitting, selection and ordering materials and fitting into a schedule could take weeks even before the construction starts. If you might be selling in a few years or you want to be ready for when it is a buyer’s market in real estate again, it would be wise to get your remodeling done now so you can enjoy it for a while and be ready when you determine it is time to sell.

There are a few things that recoup as much or more than the cost of the remodeling but by making your home more current and attractive, it sets itself apart and can result in a quicker sale or better yet, multiple bids. Most buyers want a home that doesn’t need work and is move in ready. The remaining value that no one can put a price on is getting to experience living in a beautiful home. These are the top five projects that increase one’s home value.

* Kitchen remodeling – Quality cabinetry and countertops, ample storage and prep space, energy efficient stainless steel appliances, tile backsplash and an island with seating and pendant lighting. Most buyers want an open concept to be able to see where people are congregating while working in the kitchen.

* Bathroom remodeling – A spa-like, accessible master bathroom with a no-threshold shower, separate tub, smart storage to keep counters clear, double vanity with good lighting and water conserving appliances.

* Functional floor plan for good traffic flow and sight lines with lots of natural lighting from energy efficient windows to make the home seem spacious. Include a great outdoor living room (which may include an outdoor kitchen) to utilize the backyard, eliminating columns that break up the space to give a home an inexpensive addition to experience.

* Custom master bedroom closet – A walk in closet with lots of storage that includes shelving, drawers, a space to sit and dress, offering proper height for packing a suitcase.

* Additional master bedroom suite – It can be a guest suite, a new master bedroom or a casita depending on desired use.

Happy Home Remodeling!

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