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Apple Cider Vinegar

Lois Moncel, Certified Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor

Have you ever heard about the benefits of apple cider vinegar? In the past couple of months I have more and more clients asking about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. After researching the benefits I have listed five of the top reasons to mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 8 oz. of water and drink it every day according to Health Remedies Journal. See if you notice any changes in how you feel!

1. Reduce your cholesterol with apple cider vinegar.

2. Lose weight with apple cider vinegar. The acid content in the apple cider vinegar is known to suppress appetite in humans, which means that you are not as likely to overeat.

3. Need a mid-day boost? Instead of another cup of coffee consider having one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with some water or juice to increase your energy levels for the day.

4. Prevent harsh leg cramps at night.

5. Improve blood sugar. Researchers at Arizona State University have followed the effects of apple cider vinegar and have found that it prevents and slows the breakdown of starches in the digestion process. When this happens blood sugar benefits and is not elevated as high as it normally would.

Be ready…the taste is a little tart! When purchasing your vinegar look for apple cider vinegar that still has the culture of beneficial bacteria that turns regular apple cider into vinegar, also known as “The Mother.”

Happy Fitness!