Spotlight On Advertiser: Soft and Pure Plumbing


Did you know Arizona water is so hard it might cut through glass?

Arizona’s hard water is very alkaline and damaging to your plumbing. And it seems like it may be able to pierce glass if you have ever had to clean hard water deposits off your shower doors. There is now a true water warrior in the desert around Robson Ranch who can soften even the toughest Arizona H2O.

Soft & Pure Plumbing is a relatively new company to the Robson Ranch community. However, the owner and operator, Rigo Huerta, is not. He has worked in Robson Ranch and surrounding communities as a professional plumber for over 10 years with experience in both residential and commercial fields. Rigo grew up on a farm in the Arizona desert near Stanfield, just West of Casa Grande. He is fond of the desert and is quite familiar with the area; especially with our inherently hard water!

Soft & Pure Plumbing is a small company that was formed with a desire to provide the highest level of service for its customers. All work is performed by the owner of the company. You will never get an “installer” or have an unlicensed plumber with little to no experience show up to your plumbing appointment under the guise of a uniform with a well-known company name on it. You always get a licensed plumber who takes pride in his work and knows the importance of every job aspect.

Many plumbing companies have resorted to using cheaper materials that are easier to work with to cut costs and save time. That is not the Soft & Pure Plumbing way. With Soft & Pure, only the highest quality materials sourced from a professional supplier are used to complete a job, along with name-brand equipment directly from manufacturers with a proven track record. And because there is no middle man or installer that is paid on commission, you won’t pay an arm and a leg. This means you get better quality, better service and an unbeatable warranty at a better price than you would at most other places.

Rigo and his wife Makala typically work together as a husband-and-wife team, and even though she is a licensed cosmetologist with clients of her own, she happily accompanies Rigo on many jobs to offer valuable assistance, good company together and for good laughs!

Soft & Pure Plumbing specializes in water treatment and filtration, but gladly offers other plumbing services as well. Rigo firmly believes that prioritizing good and honest customer service with the goal of total customer satisfaction, followed by top-notch quality all the way around, is the key to staying successful. Soft & Pure Plumbing is fully licensed for both residential and commercial plumbing (ROC 316672), bonded and insured. They offer free in-home estimates, and Rigo will happily answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Call: 520-705-6819 or visit