Robson Ranch Putting League

Gloria Lamere and Mona Rod

The results for the last three putting events are as follows:

April 26 net winners-Teresa Baxter (1st, $12), Betty Kumbera (2nd, $10), Mike Hart (3rd, $9) and Candy Burtis (blind draw, $5). Gross winners-Nick Pike (1st, $12), Jim Baxter (2nd, $10), Ben Blissett (3rd, $9), and Lori Morrin (blind draw, $6). The money hole was not won so the money was carried over to the next event. No one could beat the pro at this event (Jay Wilson shot a 35) so $34 was carried over to the next event. MaryLou Walton won the $25 Robson gift certificate.

May 10 net winners-Craig Spittel (1st, $13), Mona Rod (2nd, $9) and Stan Lukasik (blind draw, $5). Gross winners-Nick Pike (1st, $13), Larry Sundin (2nd, $9) and Al Kindt (blind draw, $5). The money hole was won by Mary Pryor ($50). Club pro, Jay Wilson shot a 37, so two players beat that score-Craig Spittel (score 35) and Nick Pike (score 34). The Robson Ranch gift certificate was won by Jan Stocek.

May 24 net winners-Terry Lukasik (1st, $14), Gina Bellach (2nd, $10), Fran Fowler (3rd, $6) and Georgie Hart (blind draw, $6). Gross winners-Mike Pryor (1st, $14), DuWayne Lamere (2nd, $10), Dave Douglas (3rd, $6) and Mona Rod (blind draw, $6). Peter Guindon was the lucky winner of the $25 Robson gift certificate. There were two money holes for this event and they were won by Mike Pryor ($62) and Ben Blisset ($64).

May 24 was the last putting event for the season, and we will resume play in the fall. Special thanks to Nick Pike and Mary Pryor for heading up the events, keeping track of winnings, scores, handicaps, sending email reminders, etc. Also, thanks to Craig Spittel and Stan Lukasik for setting up the holes for each event-you certainly kept the games a challenge! And we could not have, “Beat the Pro,” without Jay Wilson taking time to play the course before each event-thanks for giving us a score to shoot for! Last, but certainly not least, thanks to our friends at the grill for the gift certificates, great service and good food after each Thursday round. We look forward to resuming this fun event this fall!