Spotlight on Advertiser: Small Hole. Big Light!

David Taylor

Let there be light! If you walk into any room of your house in the middle of the day and have to turn on a light to overcome the darkness and brighten it up, then Solatube is the solution you have been seeking. After having one installed you will ask yourself, “How does such a small hole in the roof produce such a big, beautiful, bright light?” There is no additional power used to operate a Solatube as there is nothing to turn on. The light is natural sunlight and adds zero heat gain. As the sun comes up each day, the darkness fades away and the joy of soft filtered sunlight brightens your interior environments. Natural sunlight has been shown to increase positive mood.

Sunshine Experts is Southern Arizona’s only Solatube dealer. Since 2011 bringing light to their customers’ darkened rooms during daylight hours has been their passion. Solatube is a quality product that installs easily in the hands of the skilled installers that Sunshine Experts employs. Solatube products can be installed on all types of roofs. Usually only a few hours are needed to complete the installation process. Leaving absolutely no mess when the job is finished is required of the Sunshine Experts Solatube installers, and they excel at leaving each job site as clean as they found it. Consider their posted mission statement: Our mission is to provide the best American Made products for Southern Arizona that money can buy. We are the Sunshine Experts and our goal is to make sure that our staff always proves it. Customer service is not only our #1 priority but is our lifeblood. Our promise is to provide the highest rated quality products in our field.

Sunshine Experts owner John Vogel has instilled this philosophy in his team so well that they have won the Reader’s Choice “Winners & Favorites” Award from the Tucson Daily Star for seven consecutive years starting in 2015. They won again most recently in 2021. Brighten your day, increase your positive mood, and increase your enjoyment of your home’s interior spaces by installing Solatube today. Sunshine Experts offers prompt and courteous installers who know how to get the job done correctly on any type of roof. As an Arizona registered contractor you are assured they will always stand behind their work.

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