Sports Club Instructor Highlight

Each month we will highlight one or two of our instructors, massage therapists, and staff. You can see how their talents and expertise can help you achieve your fitness goals!

Meet Our Newest Instructor!

We are pleased to introduce Rachel Conrad, our newest fitness instructor. We’re thrilled to have her on board and can’t wait to see the creativity and expertise she brings to our team. Welcome Rachel!

Rachel is ACE- and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America-certified as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and health coach. She has shared her love of wellness with classes and individuals for the past 25 years. She began teaching step aerobics in Wyoming and has tried or taught most trending exercise classes through the years. Leg warmers and Tae Bo included! She loves playing sports and enjoys running, lifting weights, and has a special love for cycling classes.

Meet Yoga Instructor Sarah Mallen

Some of you may not yet be familiar with Sarah Mallen.

Sarah says, “Growing up with a passion and love of dance I was always on the hunt for something new to try regarding movement. I took my first yoga class in 2000 while pursuing a dance major in college. While gaining the benefits of movement, what I quickly discovered after a few yoga classes was how much my mental state improved, my stress levels decreased, and the more I returned to class my awareness of my own body increased. The more I practiced, the more I looked forward to my next visit to my mat. I was fortunate enough to find something that helped to heal me both physically and mentally, and with regular practice, has allowed me to live with less physical pain, increased flexibility, and a calmer state of mind.

“In 2019 I completed a 250 multi-style Yoga Alliance certification from Ulu Yoga in Koh-Phangan, Thailand. I am so honored to share this gift with my students and to assist in cultivating these benefits within others. I look forward to helping you find your own path to healing! Namaste!”