Magical Glass Flowers

Doris Betuel

The Robson Ranch Fused Glass Club is thrilled to showcase the flowery panel created by member Marita Hickman. Through trial and error, Marita has created this magical window display of flowers and insect buddies. The window is 4 by 6 feet of glass flowers and vines with flowers, each measuring a foot or more in diameter. Each flower is attended by a beautiful butterfly or hummingbird and adorned with a bee or ladybug. It was truly a treat to see her work on this display over the months and was so worth it when she finished it. She labored over the individual pieces for the window and of course, the finished product. Congratulations to Marita on completing this awesome project.

If you are interested in making something like what Marita has created, we can help you get started. First, take a beginner’s class to learn the basic techniques. The beginner classes are offered about once a month, and while a magnificent flower window like Marita created is not possible right away, you can make lots of fun and creative projects as you build up the skills to create a fanciful window display like she made.

Please contact Doris Betuel at [email protected] for further information or to sign up for a beginner class. We would love to spread the glass joy and have you join us!