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RRLGA opening day golf event “All Par 3’s”

The Robson Ranch Ladies Golf Association had 29 ladies participate in the opening day golf event “All Par 3s” on October 23. It was a cart-path only day. Our tournament director, Kathy Holwick, made every hole on the course a par-three with a marker to designate where the tee-box was and yardage to the hole.

Flight one: 1st Candy Burtis, 2nd Sue Waibel, 3rd Kathy Holwick; KP Kathy Holwick

Flight two: 1st Jan Kinley, 2nd Robin Barber, 3rd MaryLou Walton; KP Patty Bruchez

Flight three: 1st Jeri Srenaski, 2nd Mary Syer, 3rd Debby Harris; KP Jeri Srenaski

Flight four: 1st Carol Ilten, 2nd Barbara Gayer, 3rd Layne Jones; KP Teresa Baxter

It was a fun day, and we were thankful we finished before the rainstorm hit Robson Ranch. Bobbie Johnson had a hole-in-one on Buttes 2, which was 110 yards for the day!

Our December event to look forward to is our annual Red and Green Tournament on December 8.

If you are interested in joining the 18-hole association, contact membership chair Jan Stocek at [email protected].

October 27 RRLGA “Three clubs and a putter”

First flight: 1st Kathy Holwick, 2nd Jan Kinley, 3rd Terry Rattey; KP Sue Waibel. Second flight: 1st Debbie Hatcher, 2nd Jeri Srenaski, 3rd Mary Syer; KP Nancy Kraus.

November 3 RRLGA “Race Track”

First flight: 1st Terry Rattey, 2nd Jan Kinley, 3rd Bobbie Johnson. Second flight: 1st Candy Burtis, 2nd Susan Worner, 3rd Jean DeChristopher. Third flight: 1st Robin Barber, 2nd Gladys Miller, 3rd Margaret Erickson. Fourth flight: 1st Dee Lee, 2nd Teresa Baxter, 3rd Patti Baumann. Fifth flight: 1st Jeri Srenaski, 2nd Cheryl Babb, 3rd Mary Syer.