New! Adult beginner ballet classes at the Ranch

Ballet at the Ranch

Ballet at the Ranch

Attention all “Silver Swans.” Robson Ranch is offering adult beginner ballet classes.

Ballet classes and barre workouts are great, even for non-dancers. As we age our muscles get tight and inflexible, our joints degenerate, our posture slumps. Adding ballet to your workout regime works different muscles and benefits the upper body, core, posture and flexibility.

Ballet lets you “move to the music” while increasing your creative side. Studies have shown that people with Parkinson’s who take ballet found improved mobility, balance and posture. A New England Journal of Medicine study also found that dance is the only physical activity linked with a lower risk of dementia. Ballet also helps maintain cardiovascular fitness.

Sometimes the same old exercises can seem mundane and boring. If you are already enjoying yoga, zumba or step, adding ballet mixes it up a bit! It brings out the dancer you knew as a child and forgot. Or if you never danced, now is your time.

No tutus or pointe shoe allowed. We are in class to have fun. When we look in the mirror we do not compete or compare ourselves with others. We look at how far we have come, how we shine, how we are enjoying the music.

When newcomer Sharon Girard moved to the Ranch she saw a beautiful dance studio ripe and ready for class. Sharon has been dancing, mostly ballet, all her life. She trained in NYC with American Ballet Theater. As an adult she went on to perform, direct and choreograph community musical theater. Most recently she was on the board of directors for the New Mexico Ballet Company.

Feel free to contact her at 305-803-1560 or just come to class!

Classes are offered in the Aerobics Room on Thursdays at noon and Fridays at 3:00 p.m. The first class is free. Four classes cost $15 or $4 per class if purchased individually.

Wear soft pliable slippers or shoes. Dance shoes can be purchased on Amazon for under $25 and are on average two sizes smaller than your street shoe.