RRLGA kicks off 2018-2019 season

Sitting: Candy Burtis,
Regina Bellach, Patty Bruchez,
Deb Parker; Kneeling: Bobbie Johnson, Patti Baumann, Jan Stoeck, Dee Lee, Linda Walker, Lois Hammond; Standing: Kathy Holwick, Cathy Edge, Judy Brozek, Mary Pryor, Donna Shepherd, Mary Kindt, Christine Clark, Carol Hallock, Mary Syer, Barbara Gayer

The 2018-2019 RRLGA season kicked off on October 16 with 20 golfers and a cart-path only morning. The game had the course converted to all par 3s which made it easier for the all the walking involved. Flight winners were 1st Flight: 1st – Patty Bruchez, 2nd – Kathy Holwick, 3rd – Candy Burtis; 2nd Flight: 1st – Deb Parker, 2nd – Chris Clark, 3rd – Mary Kindt; 3rd Flight: 1st – Mary Syer, 2nd – Barbara Gayer, 3rd – Patti Baumann.

October 23 was “3 Clubs and a Putter” so golf strategy came into play early with the choice of which three clubs to choose. Flight winners were 1st Flight: 1st – Kathy Holwick, 2nd – Regina Bellach; 2nd Flight: 1st – Teresa Baxter, 2nd Mary Pryor, 3rd – Carol Hallock; 3rd Flight: 1st – Mary Syer, 2nd – Donna Shepherd.

October 30’s game was “Racetrack – Win, Place, Show” which was Best Gross, Best Net and Low Putts. Flight winners were 1st Flight: Gross – Kathy Holwick, Net – Susan Worner, Low Putts – Candy Burtis; 2nd Flight: Gross – Jane Wright, Net – Cathy Edge, Low Putts – Mary Pryor; 3rd Flight: Gross – Pam Mumy, Net – Betty Kumbera, Low Putts – Deb Parker; 4th Flight – Gross – Mary Syer, Net – Linda Walker, Low Putts – Donna Shepherd.

Welcome to new RRLGA members Linda Valli, Raquel Carvallo and Connie Drew.