RR Golfers Donate to Junior Golf Association of Arizona

Russ Stocek with the golf collection

Russ Stocek

After 16 years we may have finally cleaned out our golf stuff. Although this year’s donation was smaller than in past years, we were still able to donate 26 golf bags, 168 irons, 93 woods, and 33 putters. This annual donation by Robson golfers is always much appreciated by the kids of Junior Golf Association of Arizona (JGAA).

The collection also included many tees, gloves, and balls. There were some clothes and shoes as well as a laser range finder. This year we were more selective, in that if the item was not considered in good enough condition for your grandkids to use, then you were asked to please find an alternate charity or dispose of it.

Do not forget that you can donate golf balls any time of the year as there is a yellow bin located to the left of the counter in the Pro Shop. It goes to the same organization—Junior Golf Association of Arizona. When the bin is full, a JGAA representative comes to collect the balls.

Thank you again for your kind donations. Watch for next year’s event as Russ Stocek will be collecting again in March.