Pencil Pushers Donate Art Supplies for Students

On Dec. 6, 2023, Robson Ranch colored pencil artists delivered more than $400 worth of art supplies to Sheri Roberts. Sheri is the dedicated art teacher to 400 students grades 1 through 8 at the Eloy Toltec School. Ms. Roberts is allotted $150 per semester for her students, which is not much if you have ever purchased art supplies. That’s why the Robson Ranch colored pencil artists raffled off two colored pencil productions at last November’s Arts and Crafts Show.

While doing art one feels a sense of calmness, which can help during troubling times. The Fine Arts Guild hopes we may even instill a love of art in the students, and perhaps one or more may become artists.

The two pieces of colored pencil art were produced by Carolyn Gibson, Sharon Nergaard, Jacque Donaghe, Laurie Laramie, and Nancy Friedman. Framing was done by the Fine Arts Guild’s treasurer and woodworker, Nils Johnson. This group, with more artists added, are starting work now on new colored pencil productions to be raffled off at the next Robson Ranch Arts and Crafts Show.

Please support the arts by buying tickets at our next raffle or by donating.