Roving Ranchers’ Cars and Motorcycle Show

Pat Sand

On April 17, the Roving Ranchers had their first car and motorcycle show. From 8 to 11 a.m., over 52 cars and one motorcycle were displayed by residents for everyone to view.

There were all kinds of cars, old to new. Residents brought their American muscle cars like Camaros and Mustangs, cars from the mid ’50s to today, and also several European cars like Porches, Mercedes, and Volvos, as well as one motorcycle.

The event was well attended with Robson residents oohing and aahing over the waxed, polished, and gleaming cars.

Since this event was so successful, another one will be planned for November when the weather cools down again.

If you haven’t joined the Roving Ranchers yet, sign up on Nextdoor or Facebook. Any Robson resident can join. This is a group of neighbors who have events for residents. Last month, 40 Ranchers went to Laughlin, Nev. for a three-day trip. Next month, there are plans to have dinner at the Singing Panda in Chandler.

For more information, contact Joe Murauskis at [email protected] or join the group by visiting Facebook at or Nextdoor at