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Reading Between the Wines

Linda Gayer

In November 2009, two of us formed the book club Reading Between the Wines; as of today, four of the original members remain in the group. Many wonderful books have been read and discussed, lasting friendships have been formed, and lots of glasses of wine have been consumed.

Our most recent book, that was chosen by the hostess, was The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah, one of our favorite authors. Like other books we have read that were written by Ms. Hannah, this one did not disappoint. She takes her readers to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s and places you right into the dust storms that consumed Texas. Trying to escape the constant dust, the heroine moves her family to California to look for work during the Great Depression. We enjoyed the point of view from different characters as they experienced the hardships of life back then.

If a book club interests you, why not form one! All you need to get started is two or three people who enjoy reading, and, before you know it, your club will grow!