Rock Springs Church first anniversary Sunday

Rock Springs Church celebrates its first anniversary at Robson Ranch.

Rock Springs Church celebrates its first anniversary at Robson Ranch.

Larry Sundin

On February 7 nearly 120 worshippers gathered in the Hermosa Ballroom to celebrate one year of God’s goodness and faithfulness to all who call Rock Springs their church home. The Worship Team got things rolling with inspiring renditions of Rock of Ages and You are Worthy of our Praise. Then using the theme of “Take up a stone to serve as a sign among you” from the Old Testament book of Joshua, Pastor Sundin took up a stone for each of the significant people and events that led to this day of celebration.

The first stone we took up helped us remember how God gave a vision to plant this church to Harry Bolwyn of Oasis Church in Mission Royale. The second stone represented the key couples who believed God would make this church a reality and who became the core team with Pastor Larry and his wife Becky. When we got to the fifth stone we were treated to a video collage of first Sunday one year ago. Along the way we heard inspiring and encouraging stories from people like Patricia Hansen who shared how thrilling it was to be part of the initial core team that helped start Rock Springs; to David Hogan who shared how Rock Springs became a church that he and his wife Nancy now call their church family; to people like Chrissy Schroeppel and others who expressed how God has become so real and good in their lives since Rock Springs began.

Pastor Sundin wrapped up the morning by reminding us that this day was not about us but about Jesus Christ our Rock. That Rock Springs Church really is a church about Jesus; that together we are celebrating the fruit of God growing us strong and unified on Jesus the Rock; that together we are truly becoming a place where every person belongs and every person matters; and that together we are learning to live and love like Jesus and are helping others do the same. And yet through all of this Pastor Sundin reminded us that we are just getting started. And so we concluded our celebration by singing, Forever God is Faithful and forever God is with us.” This was indeed a good day to celebrate together. One couple who joined us as a part of their initial weekend visit at Robson Ranch shared, “This service was the best part of our visit here!” Perhaps you’d like to visit and see what God’s up to at Robson Ranch. We’d love to have you join us as we continue to follow God on this journey together. God is good, and God is faithful and we can’t wait to see what He wants to do next.