Robson Ranch RC Flyers

Paul Downey

Paul Downey

Paul Downey

A resident of Robson Ranch for three years, my wife and I selected RR because there was a quilting club and a flying field accessible by golf cart. While wintering here in our RV, we were camped south of Maricopa, and I heard about a “fly in” at a place called Robson Ranch. I loaded up a couple of planes and came out to fly someplace other than a cactus-laden desert. I was impressed enough with RR to bring my wife back to take a look at the houses and facilities. We quickly decided that driving back and forth to Spokane, WA didn’t seem so appealing anymore. We looked at Sun Lakes, Sun City and decided that RR was the best for us.

I’ve been flying RC planes for about eight years after my wife declared that I couldn’t retire until I had a hobby. Golf did not interest me, and I had flown control line planes when much younger so RC planes were the first choice. RC used to be prohibitively costly but is now very affordable with the advent of battery and electronic technology. I started out by making several poor choices as “beginner” planes and no assistance in learning how to fly them. They did not last very long. I had a work associate that was flying RC, and he helped get me going with better choices. My flying skills have improved considerably since then.

I really enjoy flying with the RR RC Flyers Club. Sharing ideas and flying make for great excuses to get out in the fresh air and out of the house. As our membership has grown, so has the quality of our flying field facilities. Robson has done a great job in supporting our group in assisting in the improvements. I encourage any interested parties to come out to our field and experience all this hobby has to offer. Every day is another learning experience!

Private RC Flying Lessons Available

Work one-on-one with your instructor both on the simulator and on the flight line. Your instructor will work with you to schedule times convenient for you and at no cost. The club provides the equipment.

To register for lessons or for more information about the club contact Eddie Peril at 520-374-2599, Paul Downey at 520-876-9507 or Kevin Rattey at 520-510-9771.