Robson’s Got Talent

Sam Ellis

It is a great pleasure to announce Robson’s Got Talent, tentatively scheduled for Jan. 21, 2022. It is patterned after the television show, America’s Got Talent. Simply put, it is a talent competition for Robson Ranch residents. So, if you sing, dance, do standup comedy, perform magic, play a musical instrument, can get your dog to do amazing tricks, etc., this might be your ticket to stardom. Lots and lots of details to follow.

The event is being organized by Sam Ellis, a Robson Ranch resident who has facilitated other community events (e. g., Family Feud contests) in the Hermosa Ballroom.

A few rules and guidelines:

* There is no cost to participate as either a performer or audience member.

* All performers must be residents of Robson Ranch.

* Performers can be either singles or in a group (up to a maximum of five people). So, string quintets are fine. An entire orchestra is out of the question.

* In order to keep the competition moving, performances must not involve any setup time. Translation: The audience doesn’t want to wait for a performer to get ready to perform on stage.

* We will feel our way through the process. For example, if there are lots of entrants, we might need some preliminary efforts to narrow the field before the final presentations.

* Brevity is encouraged. About three or four minutes of performance is sufficient.

* Yes, there will be judges, however, Simon Cowell is not among them.

* Mostly, this is about having fun and savoring terrific moments in life.

Please contact Sam Ellis at [email protected] or 503-720-7207 if you have any questions or want to be an entrant.