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Beginning Watercolor Class

Photo by Don and Terry Helmstetter

Photo by Don and Terry Helmstetter

Don and Terry Helmstetter

The Fine Arts Guild held a beginning watercolor class instructed by Terry and Don Helmstetter. The eight attendees learned some basics and then practiced on a monochromatic painting, learning the effect of tone changes with one color and water mixed in different volumes. They also did a landscape, learning to mix colors. The class was energetic and fun, and was enjoyed by all.

The Helmstetters have been doing watercolor painting for 40 years and say they are always learning, and their favorite role is that of student. A few years ago, their daughter asked for their help. For 10 years she had developed her online wedding invitation business. She wondered if Terry and Don would paint wedding venues to go on pieces of the wedding stationery. This has turned into three to four paintings every week and has vastly added to the business bottom line. They enjoy it and it keeps them out of trouble. They believe the Art Guild is an enjoyable place to spend time, meet people, and do all they can to give back to the art program.