Robson’s Got Talent: This Is the Big One

Sam Ellis

Get yourself to the Hermosa Ballroom on Jan. 21. Simply put, be there.

The doors to the Hermosa Ballroom will open at 4:30 p.m. Enjoy the pre-event entertainment, followed by performances that begin at 5:30. Bar service is expected at the rear of the ballroom.

To put it mildly, get there early—a full house is expected.

It will be an extravaganza with performances of all kinds by Robson Ranch residents. Standup comedy, dancing, singing … you name it. Alas, George Clooney canceled. As did Lady Gaga. But everyone else is good to go.

Yes, there will be judges. Just like on the television show! The anticipation is sure to grow as the judges critique performances, the finalists are selected, and the winning performance is chosen by the audience.

The winning act gets an amazing trophy and lots of loot to take home.

Likewise, life-changing door prizes will be at stake for audience members. Please be sure to draw a lucky ticket number when you arrive at the event.

There is absolutely no cost to attend Robson’s Got Talent. Nada. Zip. There are no tickets to buy. However, in lieu of charging for admission, please consider offering a charitable cash gift to the Pinal County Council for Senior Citizens. One of their key aims is to assist those who are struggling with the challenges of someone in their family with Alzheimer’s disease. There will be a donation jar for gifts at the Hermosa Ballroom entrance.

Mostly, this is about having fun; celebrating who we are at Robson Ranch; and taking a deep breath and savoring life. Be sure to join us at Robson’s Got Talent on Jan. 21.