Robson’s Got Talent

Sam Ellis

It is a great pleasure to announce Robson’s Got Talent, scheduled for Jan. 21, 2022. It is patterned after the television show America’s Got Talent and is a talent competition for Robson Ranch residents. So, if you sing, dance, do standup comedy, perform magic, play a musical instrument, can get your dog to do amazing tricks, or the like, this might be your ticket to stardom. Lots and lots of details to follow.

A few rules and guidelines:

* There is no cost to participate as either a performer or audience member.

* All performers must be residents of Robson Ranch.

* Performers can be either singles or in a group (up to a maximum of six people).

* In order to keep the competition moving, performances must not involve any setup time.

* About four or five minutes of performance is sufficient.

* Yes, there will be judges. However, Simon Cowell is not among them.

* Mostly, this is about having fun and savoring terrific moments in life.

Contact Sam Ellis at [email protected] or 503-720-7207 if you have any questions or would like to enter.