Robson Unplugged January 13

John Sutton

Our first Robson Unplugged event scheduled for January 13 in the Grill is quickly approaching. We have an exciting lineup of local talent ready to put on a show for you.

We’ll start the evening with Wally Waluk. Come listen to Wally as he shares his stories through his songs written from the heart and his own experiences. I find his music to be captivating and inspirational, and you won’t want to miss it.

Next on tap will be Bob Burtch singing the music of Elvis. If you haven’t heard Bob doing his Elvis songs in our karaoke shows you’ve been missing out. This time he will be performing with a live band made up of all Robson residents using era specific instrumentation.

We’ll round out the evening with Howard Van Arsdale. This guitar duo will play a variety of music in several styles. Be sure and pay particular attention to Howard’s vocals and his 12-string guitar.

The night is set, and all we need is you. Come on out and enjoy the coffee house atmosphere and support our local talent. We’ll see you there!