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Robson Unplugged

John Sutton

January 13 was our very first night for “Robson Unplugged” in the Tack Room. I hope everyone enjoyed the three acts that evening. It was good to see Wally Waluk out again singing his songs. What a fine job Marilyn Konruff did accompanying him on the dulcimer! And how about Bob Burtch and his Elvis show? His back-up band was made up of members from both the Time Bandits and Used Kar. Our evening was topped off with Howard Van Arsdale and his talented group playing a variety of songs. Did you like Howard’s 12-string guitar?

Our next series of performers will hit the stage on February 3. We have a line-up of duos playing all of our favorites from, should I say, way back when? We will start the evening with Skip Syer and Jeff Jones. Following Jeff and Skip we’ll feature Dale Johnson and Jonathan Eddy. Rounding out our evening you’ll get to hear Richard Shine and Ken Muhlbeier. All in all we can look forward to the music we have loved for years, and I understand there are a few surprises worked in as well. We will need you to be there to find out what those may be.

Don’t forget we have additional dates on March 16 and April 20. Be sure and put them on your calendar. If you are interested in performing or know someone who is, please contact me. I can be reached at: [email protected].

See you at the Tack Room on February 3. Be there!