Robson RC Flyers continues to grow in membership

Members of the Robson RC Flyers Club

Members of the Robson RC Flyers Club

Paul Downey

The Robson RC Flyers Club is getting larger and more active as the season changes and the winter residents return. We have painted the tables and have made a few changes to the takeoff and landing field. The field will be sporting a new windsock so we will be easier to find.

The club now has two planes designated as trainers that can be used to help new flyers get into the sport without crashing that Christmas or birthday present from well-meaning family and friends. These can be flown on a “buddy box,” which allows an instructor to gain control of a wayward plane then return control to the new pilot when they are ready to try again. You do the flying, and we’ll keep it from meeting the ground too quickly. If it does reach the ground in haste, we’ll be the ones that are responsible and will have to repair the poor airplane. After all, we’ve already had a lot of practice putting these things back together.

To arrange a flying session just call Eddie Peril or Paul Downey to set a time. Or come out to the field on our regular flying days of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Our flying times are now based more on the winds but usually start around 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. As the season progresses the hours will change based on available light and solar warmth.

As we have previously stated, this is a sport that can be entered into by investing as little as $100. But the best starting point will be more like $200 to $300. Of course, the sky is the limit as to how much you wish to invest in this sport or any sport.

Once you have committed to the sport, you will be able to enjoy it without driving a long distance or waiting for a fly day. Our field is readily accessible via car, truck, golf cart or bicycle. And you can fly whenever you wish. As we are not an AMA sanctioned field, a special license is not required. We do follow the general guidelines of safety as called for by the AMA.

All that is necessary is being a Robson Ranch resident and having a plane. Our dues are very minimal; free for the time being.

For further information or questions, contact Eddie Peril at 520-374-2599 or Paul Downey at 520-876-9507. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting the third Tuesday of the month in the Pichaco Room, or better yet at the field!