The cotton tour at Caywood Farms offers fascinating history of cotton in Arizona

Have you heard about the cotton tour at Caywood Farms? Visit their website: The farm is located near 11 mile corner.

You will enjoy a very informative, educational and fun two and a half to three hour tour! Many Robson residents have gone on the tour and raved about the quality. You will see on the website that everyone gives the tour five stars! You’ll be taken on your tour by Nancy, the granddaughter of the original farm owner. She is a joy to listen to, a wealth of information and there isn’t much she can’t handle herself on the farm.

She is highly educated and passionate about agriculture. She was a school teacher and then went back to college and got her Masters in Agriculture and taught at the University of California-Davis ANR, Desert Research and Extension Center. Your tour will start with a bag of popcorn while Nancy does an amazing demonstration using an apple, showing the amount of the world’s land used for agriculture, followed by a PowerPoint presentation. She will then load you on a farm wagon where you will sit on hay bales. Nancy will be driving the tractor pulling your wagon! You will stop at all the cotton harvest equipment and learn how it all works. She will then drive you to an area of two types of cotton. You will be able to walk into the field, pick some and experience the difference between regular and pima cotton.

You’ll return to see video about the Cotton Gin, more information and popcorn! There will be a drawing, and you will take home surprises! All in all it will be a great day. If you can’t take the tour this year, put it in your memory bank for next year. Great for people visiting!