Robson Ranch Woodcarvers complete a variety of projects

Wood Shop Board

There is a wide range of projects that are produced in the woodshop here in Robson Ranch. The wood shop has some of the best equipment and hand tools available, and members have used the shop to complete projects ranging from an herb garden for the Grill, to beautiful works of art and everything in between.

These pictures of completed projects are but a small sample of the great variety of projects that members have completed. As our winter residents return we look forward to many experienced and new woodworkers returning to the woodshop. The shop has been open with limited hours for the summer. In November the hours of operation will be increased in response to the increased number of users.

As we approach our 11th month of operation we have seen a very positive response from both seasoned and novice woodworkers. We have seen the shop grow into a great place to work on projects, meet neighbors and learn new skills from classes and other members. Coming up is our yearly general meeting for all members on November 21 at 1:00 p.m. in the Hermosa Ballroom followed in December with the election of officers. The time and location to be announced.

As we go into another peak season we will be working to provide more classes. If you are a member, watch closely for new class listings, and if you are not yet a member check out our web site or contact one of the following board members: Ken Hansen at 425-765-5147, Marv Enerson at 520- 423-2344, Jim Price at 520-836-5286 for information on how to become a member.