Robson Ranch Putting league results


Mona Rod and Gloria Lamere

Robson Ranch Putters continue showing up at the practice green every two weeks to try their skills and luck; sometimes they even bring relatives and old friends to join in the fun! The results for February 16 and March 1 are as follows:

February 16, Net Winners: Mary Pryor (1st $14), Cindy Sorensen (2nd $11) and George Hawkins (3rd $8). Gross Winners: Ben Blisset (1st $14), Bill Rod (2nd $11) and Nancy Coulon (3rd $8). Blind draws were won by Candy Burtis and Betty Kumbera ($7 each). Beat the Pro game was won by Ben Blisset, Bill Rod and Mary Nielson ($15 each). No one got the Hole in One, so the $117 was carried over to the next event. The Robson gift certificate was won by Geralyn Osoba.

March 1 Net Winners: Terry Kumbera (1st $13), Teresa Baxter (2nd $11) and John Fischer (3rd $9). Gross Winners: Jim Baxter (1st $13), Larry Sundin (2nd $11) and Larry Mansfield (3rd $9). Blind draws were won by Steve Spencer and Brenda Dahm. The Robson gift certificate was won by Jean Goin. Beat the Pro was won by Jim Baxter, Ben Blissett, John Fischer, Terry Kumbera, Larry Mansfield and Larry Sundin. In defense of our club pro, Jay Wilson, the hole placements were very difficult this week.

The Money Hole was not won again on March 1, so the $150 was carried to the next event, which was March 15. Sign up at the pro shop or contact Nick Pike. Who knows? You could be the next hole in one winner!