Robson Ranch Musicians Performing January 17

Mary Jo Albrecht

On Jan. 17 the Robson Ranch Musicians will be playing in the Hermosa Ballroom. The eight-piece band performs music from the big band era to modern songs. Robson Dance Club invites members and guests to enjoy, once again, couples and social dancing. We are so fortunate to have the Robson Ranch Musicians with us again. They were amazing last year. Dancers were on the floor dancing to waltz, fox trot, rhumba, swing, and Latin dances. If you are taking lessons, this is an excellent opportunity to use the skills that you learned in your classes. You may also just want to come and listen to some good music.

Dennis Bierman, on drums, is the band leader for the Robson Musicians. The Robson Ranch Musicians has gathered talented players from in and out of Robson. Some play regularly with the 10-piece band and some also form small groups to become the Jazz Band, Swing Band, or the Dixieland Band. They often play at the Grill and other occasions. Pete Marks is the vocalist with the group. You may have heard her sing with the Robson Singers along with Rich Marks and Ben Parris. Diane Cronin, a Robson resident, is a new member of the group, playing saxophone.

Doors open for the dance and cash bar at 6 p.m., with music starting at 6:30 p.m. The entrance fee is $5 for Robson Ranch Dance Club members and $10 for nonmembers. If you have not joined or renewed your membership, they are available at the door. Membership is $20 for 2024.

The Dance Club’s mission is to provide dancing opportunities to Robson Ranch residents. We rely on support from our members to cover the cost of the ballroom, the bands, and the DJs. In addition to reduced admission to the dances, we offer members opportunities for pre-dance dinners with other dance club members, free practice sessions at the sports club, and mini lessons before some dances. Every person who joins as a member is helping to build a thriving dance community here at Robson Ranch.

For more information or to be put on our mailing list, contact Mary Jo Albrecht at [email protected].

Future dances:

Feb. 21: TBD

March 13: CobWebs

April 10: TBD