Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup

Imagine a place where the air is filled with the rich aroma of premium cigars, the warmth of good company, and the smooth taste of fine scotch. That’s what the Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup is all about. Started in July 2023, our monthly get-togethers have quickly become the highlight for those who appreciate the finer things in life and the value of true friendship.

Meeting on the cozy evenings of the last Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m., we wander through the community, with each host inviting us into their unique slice of paradise. This initiative was sparked by a simple idea: to create a welcoming circle for everyone, from those curious about cigars to seasoned aficionados. It’s about relaxing, enjoying great cigars and scotch together, and engaging in the kind of conversations that only happen among friends.

Celebrating More Than Just Cigars

Our circle has grown beyond imagination, driven by a spirit of inclusiveness. It’s not just about cigars; it’s a celebration of community, shared stories, and, of course, pairing those cigars with the perfect scotch.

Jimmy Jamieson, one of our cherished members and a lover of both cigars and scotch, puts it best: “The Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup is our little haven. Here, enjoying a cigar and scotch isn’t just an activity; it’s a ritual that brings us closer. We’re all looking forward to the next special meetup, set to be an unforgettable gathering centered around our shared passions.”

To learn more about the Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup and what’s coming up, check out Join us for an experience that celebrates more than just cigar smoking—it’s about community, connection, and enjoying life’s sophisticated pleasures together.

Contact Information

Mike Weinberger

Email: [email protected]


Step into our world at the Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup, where every puff and sip is a toast to togetherness and the good life.