Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup: Celebrating a New Tradition of Community and Cigar Appreciation

In a remarkable show of community and shared interests, the Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup has quickly established itself as a favorite monthly event for cigar enthusiasts within the Robson Ranch community. Launched in July 2023, this gathering has not only brought neighbors together but has also sparked conversations, friendships, and a shared appreciation for the art of cigar smoking.

The Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup convenes on the last Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m., with the location rotating to allow various members to host and share their unique spaces with the community.

The initiative was born out of a desire to create a welcoming, inclusive environment where cigar aficionados, both novice and experienced, could come together to relax, enjoy their favorite cigars, and engage in lively discussions.

A Resounding Success

The success of the Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup has exceeded expectations. Each event has seen a growing attendance, with residents eager to partake in the relaxed, friendly atmosphere that these meetups foster. The open membership policy, emphasizing inclusivity and camaraderie, ensures that anyone interested in cigars can join, further strengthening the community bond.

Mike Weinberger, the spokesperson for the meetup, expressed his enthusiasm: “We’ve been thrilled with the turnout and the positive feedback from the community. It’s clear that there’s a real passion for cigars here at Robson Ranch, and our meetups provide the perfect setting to explore that passion together. We’re not just sharing cigars; we’re creating connections and building a community.”

Looking to the Future

With its growing popularity, the Robson Ranch Cigar Meetup is set to become a staple event in the community calendar. Plans are already underway to enhance future gatherings with guest speakers, educational sessions on cigar cultivation and production, and tasting events to introduce participants to new flavors and brands.

The meetup’s success story is a testament to the universal appeal of cigars as a means of connection and relaxation. As one attendee, David Murray, put it, “There’s something special about sitting down with a group of people, sharing a cigar, and just talking. It’s a reminder of the simple pleasures in life.”

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Contact Information

Email: Mike Weinberger, [email protected]