Residents take a walk on the wild side

This summer, Robson Ranch residents are taking a walk on the wild side. Pam Witt, Ranch resident, former zoo docent, and active conservationist, is sharing fun and fascinating facts about giraffes, tigers, elephants, and rhinos. All of these magnificent creatures are endangered, and awareness is key to helping save these species.

Each session focuses on one animal, with information provided about their social structure, reproductive habits, caring for their young, amazing head-to-toe anatomical features, and what conservation efforts are in place to support their survival.

Audience members who participate get a chance to win fun prizes. Everyone leaves with a deeper respect and appreciation for the animal featured. The last presentation of the summer, featuring rhinos, will be on Friday, Sept. 20, from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. in the clubhouse Cheyenne and Laredo rooms.

Pam is preparing additional presentations for the fall and winter season, featuring animals from cooler climates. There may also be repeat performances of the summer sessions during the fall and winter so seasonal residents can attend. Look for event notices in Next Door and in your inbox from the HOA office.