Introducing the new executive head chef at Robson Ranch

Chef Jay

Chef Jay

Chef Jay, certified executive chef

I would like to start by introducing myself to those of you whom I have yet had the pleasure of meeting. I am Jay S. Ganzhorn, the new executive chef here at Robson Ranch. As a chef, I lean heavily on classics while embracing modern ideas and twist it all up with southwestern flavors.

I have something else that is probably more exciting to share with you. On Tuesday, July 23, we released our brand-new menu at the Grill. This menu is available “all day” with a special dinner section called the Chef’s Corner. On this menu, you will be able to enjoy some of your favorites dishes all day, such as meatloaf, Reuben, or pastrami melt (done in a panini). And we heard you, so we have added some pasta dishes available all day as well, such as pasta bolognese, chicken alfredo, and ‘small plates’ with shrimp scampi, top sirloin, and grilled salmon.

I don’t want to forget my personal favorite area of this menu – the Chef’s Corner. You will see dishes like a southwestern cioppino, grilled salmon with saffron couscous and a tomatillo kiwi salsa, and a double bone pork chop with polenta and a dried cherry demi glaze, just to name a few.

Another change that you will see is that our dinner selections will now be available starting at 4:00 p.m. What? Did I just say that? Oh yes, I did.

So, on behalf of myself and my staff, I would like to invite each and every one of you to come and eat with us as we begin our journey towards excellence!