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Resident Authors

Jaine Toth

Two of the ten writers selected to participate in an upcoming Local Authors Showcase are Robson neighbors Susanne Perry and Jaine Toth. The showcase, to be held at the Casa Grande Main Library, 449 N. Drylake, spans two nights – Tuesday, Feb. 25 and Wednesday, Feb. 26, from 5–8 p.m. each evening. Both Susanne and Jaine are scheduled to present on Wednesday.

Each author has twenty minutes to introduce their book, read a selection, and answer questions. The library will have copies available for anyone wishing to purchase any of the books that interest them.

Susanne’s murder mystery, The Suite: A Novel, is set among the homeless population in an urban area of Washington state. In addition to the twists and surprise ending, Susanne fleshes out her characters so you feel like you are getting to know them personally and grow to care about them; from the people living on the streets or in a shelter to the social workers and the police. A sequel will be out soon.

Among the reviews from readers are these two:

“My wife and I both read this book and we both enjoyed it tremendously. The character development and story line were well paced and provided a look into the plight of the homeless. The reveal of who did it and why were unexpected twists that made the book that much more of a joy to read. We hope to see more from the author in the future!”

“Perry has provided an enjoyable and in-depth read of the world of the homeless. She uses her vast background in social work to provide readers with a sense of the interactions that homeless people encounter daily. Also, Perry molded characters that seem very real, and entertaining.”

Jaine’s memoir, Dizzy Izzy & The Red Witch: Memories of My Parents, is a series of vignettes that draw the reader into the colorful lives of her unconventional parents.

Expecting only her family would be interested in the book, she’s been overjoyed at the reception from people who didn’t even know her parents, and some who didn’t even know Jaine.

Among the comments from readers:

“Jaine Toth has written one of the most entertaining memoirs that I can recall. Her well-crafted words capture the essence of a most unusual upbringing…”

“You will find the stories endearing, poignant, witty, honest, and insightful. You will laugh out loud and shed a tear or two. And when you finish it, you’ll think, ‘And I thought my family was eccentric!’ This is a delightful read.”

“I’m in love with your mother and I want to grow up to be your father!”

Jaine’s current work-in-progress is titled The Arts: A Key to Spiritual Transformation.