Resident Author: The Autobiography of Robson Ranch Resident Artie Wachter “My Remarkable Life in Sports—Desire, Dedication, Discipline”

“Dancing With the Stars” champions

Bob Kehoe

When discussing the history of soccer in the United States, the name Artie Wachter must be included. Through his lifelong participation in the sportfirst as a player, then as a coach, referee, instructor, and camp director, he played a significant role in popularizing soccer to the level it is today in this country.

Growing up on the tough streets of New York City in the 1930s, Artie quickly formed a passion for all sports that continues even today, as he still plays league softball at age 91!

But soccer remained at the forefront for decades. During his career, Artie was a professional referee with the North American Soccer League and the Major Indoor Soccer League.

Together with his wife Dixie, their acclaimed Rocky Mountain Soccer Camp in Colorado taught advanced skills to thousands of young players. Artie’s many accolades include being inducted into the Colorado Soccer Hall of Fame and the United States Adult Soccer Association Hall of Fame.

Artie and Dixie lived in several areas around the United States during their careers, finally settling down at Robson Ranch in 2014. Here, they became active in pickleball, tennis, and softballmaking many friends along the way. Artie even won the Dancing With the Stars competition in 2019.

Today they have cut back a bit with their activities, but Artie still competes in men’s softball along with being a game announcer.

Artie and Dixie worked alongside resident author Bob Kehoe in producing the autobiography, My Remarkable Life in SportsDesire, Dedication, Discipline, which represents nearly a year’s effort. This is Bob’s fifth published book since 2016.

Copies of Artie’s autobiography may be purchased ($20 each, plus shipping and tax) through the Amazon bookstore. Simply go to and type in Bob Kehoe in the search window, which will take you to his book listings and Artie’s book.

Pictures from the Artie Wachter Collection.