Reserving a pickleball court? Hold my court reservation system in place

Lois Moncel

With the fall/winter season upon us, we wanted to take a moment to review how to reserve a pickleball court for practice or play as well as some important guest registration information. “Hold My Court” is a program that allows anyone in the community to make reservations to play pickleball in advance. The pickleball courts are available for everyone’s use regardless of whether or not you belong to the Pickleball Club. Below is some helpful information to get you started.

Visit the “Hold My Court” reservation system at

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The “Hold My Court” reservation system allows community residents to reserve a pickleball court. You will be asked to register and you can then use the “hold my court” system each time you want to reserve a court time. A court can be reserved for a two-hour period by any Robson Ranch resident up to seven days in advance. There is a limit of one court reservation per day per resident.

A daily schedule is posted on the bulletin board near the pickleball courts. The schedule shows which courts are reserved and for what time frame. If a court is not reserved, that court is consider “open” and can be used by any Robson Ranch resident.

Courts 1, 2, 15, and 16 are always “open” courts and can be used by any Robson Ranch resident for a two-hour period. No reservations are required.

Want to bring a guest to play? If a resident invites a non-resident to play, the homeowner must register their guest at the Ranch House each time they come to play and sign a guest and pickleball waiver, prior to playing. Both guest and pickleball waivers will be available at the Ranch House. If the Ranch House is closed, the homeowner can have their guests fill out a guest and pickleball waiver at the sports club each time they are visiting. Both waivers must be signed prior to using the courts.

Questions with the reservation system? Contact Doris Betuel, Pickleball Club secretary, at [email protected]; Win Opel, Pickleball Club vice president, at [email protected]; RC Weidner, Pickleball Club president, at [email protected]; or Lois Moncel, director of Fitness & Wellness, at [email protected].